Flawed Subjective Logic

Question: Why do people believe that human logic is flawed? Answer: Because our inherent mind, logic of 100% egocentric, subjective, thus it is utterly unable to properly, accurately perceive and compute reality around us. Only a unique, unprecedented collective intelligence – built in a special environment through purposeful, methodical self-annulment towards each other – has … More Flawed Subjective Logic

Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database

Question: What is one thing you know better than anyone else? Answer: There is nothing I know better than anyone. Knowledge, Wisdom is not ours anyway, what we think we have “in our heads” is misguided, egocentric, subjective illusion of knowledge. True knowledge, Wisdom resides in Nature’s perfect, unlimited database. So the question is who … More Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database

Becoming More Rational – Through Collective Mind

Question: What can I do to force myself to be more rational (rather than emotional) when making decisions? Answer: I agree with you that by default our decision making is almost solely emotional. This is not surprising since we are primary emotional, sentient creatures driven by instincts, hormonal reactions, since our basic matter is the … More Becoming More Rational – Through Collective Mind

Mind Control

Question: What are some tips for controlling your mind? Answer: The only way we can control our own inherently egocentric, subjective mind is to submit, annul it towards a “higher”, purposefully built mutual, collective mind, that is achieved in a special, purposefully built and conducted environment. Then through that “higher”, collective mind we can connect … More Mind Control

Failed Intellect

Question: At what point does the intellect fail a person who exclusively relies on it for everything in life? Answer: Our intellect, reason is 100% egocentric, subjective, thus it is extremely limited. Moreover we are primarily emotional creatures, thus we are driven by emotional impressions, instincts and hormonal reactions. Our mind is “only” there to … More Failed Intellect

Borrowing The Collective Mind Through The Heart

Question: What does this quote mean? “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Answer: This is a very accurate quote describing our Human nature and if we open it, we can go very deep into how we “operate”, what forces govern us. We are primarily emotional creatures, we … More Borrowing The Collective Mind Through The Heart

The Thinking Heart

Question: As all types of thinking is done by our brain, can you scientifically explain what ‘thinking with your heart’ means? Answer: As the scientific method of Kabbalah explains we are actually not “thinking” with our brains at all. We are primarily sentient creatures as our primary matter is the desire to receive pleasures for … More The Thinking Heart

Emotional Brain Training

Question: Have you experienced any real life benefits from “brain training”? Answer: Yes, although it depends on the “brain training” we are talking about. Our brain, mind is not our “primary organ” that directs, governs us. Our mind, intellect is secondary to our emotional faculties. We are sentient creatures, everything depends on our desires and … More Emotional Brain Training