Emotional Brain Training

Question: Have you experienced any real life benefits from “brain training”?

Answer: Yes, although it depends on the “brain training” we are talking about.

Our brain, mind is not our “primary organ” that directs, governs us. Our mind, intellect is secondary to our emotional faculties. We are sentient creatures, everything depends on our desires and their fulfillment.

Our brain, mind, reason acts as an auxiliary organ in order to serve, sort, prepare our desires and our emotional impressions.

Thus the true “brain training” is not aimed at the brain at all. The true “brain training” is about providing the person with the right “laboratory” – a unique, purposefully built Human environment – where one can go through special emotional impressions, “tastes” which then motivate, awaken the mind, logic analyzing, cataloging, sorting and preparing the newly received emotional impressions.

It is through the new emotional impressions that we build, upgrade our mind and intellect.

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