Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Question: What are some ways to improve your health that nobody talks about?

Answer: Well, they say “healthy mind, healthy body”. Thus by improving the state of our mind, improves the health of the body.

What “nobody talks about” is what this “body and mind” actually means!

We keep on focusing on our physical body, and the physical brain. Fitness, wellness, different diets, nutrition has become a new “religion” while also becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.

But focusing on our physical body and mind makes nothing to differentiate us from other animals, and they do this “wellness, fitness” much better, much more instinctively, natural than us!

So what is the health of the “Human” body and “Human” mind?

We can’t find this out until we look at our health, wellness in our inherently individualistic, egoistic, subjective manner. Being Human does not refer to our personal, individual life, being!

Being Human means integrating into a single, fully integrated, fully interdependent Human “super-organism” which evolution is pushing us towards to with the global, integral external world closing on us. The Human mind that influences our Human health is the unique collective intelligence we can build together!

The health of this single “Human being” depends on the state of the mutually responsible,mutually complementing interconnections in between us. Only when these interconnections are optimal, selfless, transparent can the general life-giving circulation, communication of Nature’s system flow through these connections, giving us perfect “Human health” and life.

At this stage we are obsessively trying to improve the life of a confused cockroach blindly wandering around, when we have the ability to sense and improve a Truly Human life by connecting to one another, truly becoming the “Crown of Creation”!

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