Making Sure We Don’t Miss Our Chances

Question: It is often said that certain chances only occur once in a lifetime: what is the one chance that you missed and never occurred again in your life?

Answer: I do not believe in this notion, as I do not believe in accidents, chances.

After all we exist in a closed, deterministic, lawful Natural system that is governed, driven by an intelligent evolutionary plan.

In this plan all details, cause and effect processes are coded, and the final, most optimal state of the system is guaranteed.

We, Human are the only seemingly “loose” elements of this system, unaware of the plan and the role we are supposed to fulfill in it. This is also purposeful and predetermined, as this ”looseness” is designed to give us free choice, the ability to learn the plan, find and fulfill our role, purpose in it consciously, proactively.

Thus we are receiving chance after chance to get involved in this conscious, proactive phase of development, and if we miss the chance we will be given another one later on. Of course since the “evolutionary steamroller” keeps moving on, each time the “invitation” comes in a sharper, more urging manner, making it more difficult to miss it, to resist it…

This is why it is better to join in purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environments that can “raise our sensitivity” so we could recognize and follow the chances, the invitations from the system when they arrive!

This is especially so as our chances are not individual, we do not have any individual relationship to Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system. All the chances, opportunities to progress come through interconnections with others, for improving, multiplying those interconnections. Our role in the system is revealed only within a fully integrated Human network.

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