Upgrading Our Human Modem

Question: Are ideas viruses of the mind?

Answer: I do not think so.

First of all – and I know that this goes against our proud, individualistic beliefs – ideas, thoughts are not ours, our mind, we ourselves we do not create anything. Instead our mind is part of a modem, radio receiver that can decode, receive frequencies, broadcasts.

We exist in a closed, deterministic, lawful natural system which has its “source”, force-field that “broadcasts” on certain frequencies. This Natural system is directed, driven by an intelligent, precise and unchanging plan of evolution which registers the exact role, location of each and element in reality, including Humanity with all of its individual Human beings.

By default Human are blind, hapless, instinctive elements in this system, randomly receiving, relaying the broadcast received. We think our ideas, thoughts are our own and we proudly relay, pass them onto others. But we do so in a very distorted, corrupted manner as the received broadcast is filtered, hacked by our inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective qualities.

Thus we keep confusing ourselves and everybody else with all the chatter, rumors, misinformation. The mainstream has just revealed, recognized “fake news” only recently, but in fact we have all been broadcasting fake news, misinformation for centuries, millennia!

Thus we need to regulate our modem, try to change or even remove our egocentric, subjective filters in uniquely organized, mutually supportive and mutually complementing groups, where we interconnect our individual modems creating a mutual, collective receiver. This collective moden, receiver can receive and decode the infinite information from nature’s broadcasting source in an undistorted, objective manner.

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