Borrowing The Collective Mind Through The Heart

Question: What does this quote mean? “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Answer: This is a very accurate quote describing our Human nature and if we open it, we can go very deep into how we “operate”, what forces govern us.

We are primarily emotional creatures, we act instinctively, as hormonal urges, reactions decide all our moves, directions. In order to rise above this blind, instinctive “animal” in us we would need to “grow a head”.

But how can this instinctive animal grow a head?!

It needs to “borrow” a head from a unique, closed, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment.

If I enter into this environment and I subdue my thoughts, intentions, goals and “borrow”, use the collective thoughts, intentions, goals of the environment, I can start handling, controlling the instinctive, emotional “animal” in me.

But how can I convince, handle the others so they help me and “hand over” their collective mind, intentions, goals? Since they are also primarily emotional creatures I have to “buy them” in an emotional manner, through their hearts.

I have to convince them that I like them, I want to support them, I want to unconditionally support and serve them through practical participation, investment into the environment. In this way they start to feel a warm relationship, growing trust towards me.

And then they accept me in their circle where I can finally “borrow their head” over my own.

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