The Practice That Makes You Perfect…

Question: Which is correct:” Practice makes perfect” OR ” Practice makes perfection?”

Answer: I would slightly combine, modify those two:

“One who practices perfection, becomes perfect”

In other words if we start practicing, “play acting” perfection – a next, a more desirable, more optimal developmental state that looks from our point of view as perfect – we become perfect, we become what we practice. Habit becomes second nature.

Like famous ‘method actors” who devote themselves so much to the role they are supposed to play that they actually become like the character they are playing in an indistinguishable way, we can also dress into, become what we wanted to become.

Of course for this happen we need a closed, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment that uses a unique method that can help us “upgrade” our original software, but using these tools we can gradually change ourselves until we become the best version of ourselves we can ever reach.

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