The Unexpected Benefit Of Love: Quantum Perception

Question: What are some unexpected benefits of love that make it essential for everyone?

Answer: The unexpected benefit of “true love” is that we find ourselves in a completely new, qualitatively higher consciousness and perception of reality. In other words we “wake up” in a new reality!

True love is something we cannot do by default. True love is when the “lover” enters, dissolves into the desires, needs, viewpoints of the ‘beloved”, only caring for fulfilling those desires without any selfish, egocentric calculations, distortion.

As a result one “forgets about oneself”, and the “lover” finds oneself outside of the usual egocentric, introverted bubble, liberated from the subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion.

Thus a “true lover” perceives reality in a timeless, spaceless, “quantum” manner, as long as that perfect, unconditional love and service towards the other is sustained.

If we build a unique environment where each member aims at being in such loving connections towards the others, this environment can mutually catapult itself into the above mentioned “quantum reality” in a controlled, sustained manner!

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