Building A Happy State

Question: Would you agree that happiness is a state of feeling that comes and goes and not necessarily a state of being?

Answer: I agree that by default happiness is a random state of feeling, that comes and goes without our control. Moreover this happiness is a very poor shadow, copy of the “true happiness” we could achieve in a purposeful way.

The inherent happiness we are chasing and feeling is an individual sense of contentment when we fulfill selfish, egocentric yearnings, needs, desires.

The ”true happiness” we are capable of purposefully building, acquiring is a unique, positive, collective emotional impression that arises from special, mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling Human connections.

If we build a special Human network in a closed, purposefully built and conducted environment, then through the methodically built selfless, unconditionally loving, serving Human interconnections we start feeling Nature’s life-giving force, “circle of life” flowing through as we become a transparent, suitable channel for it.

And this unprecedented sense of Nature’s force-field gives us the sensation what we decode as “infinite/eternal”, or perfect happiness, “bliss”. And as long as we maintain those purposefully built connections this happiness becomes our state we ourselves control.

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