Perfect Contentment

Question: What is your philosophy of contentment? Answer: When we look at Nature’s fully integrated, closed systems – like our biological body for example – contentment is twofold. On one hand each cell, organ needs is own “contentment”, fulfillment (inner contentment), but at the same time each cell, organ also had to be in complete … More Perfect Contentment

Peace Leading To Happiness

Question: What is the correlation between being at peace and being happy? Answer: We can say that “being at peace” leads to “happiness”. But since we clothe everything into our subjective, egocentric emotions that confuse the picture, it’s easier to explain it according to Natural laws. In Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent systems “happiness”/contentment is a … More Peace Leading To Happiness

Source Of Happiness

Question: What is one of the most ultimate source of happiness in the world? Answer: The ultimate source of happiness in the world is Human connection. True happiness is a positive, collective,emotional impression from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human connections. When we methodically build a special network from such connection in a … More Source Of Happiness

How Can We “Have The Cake And Eat It” Too?

Question: What is a simple thing you can do to make the people around you a bit happier? Answer: Since “true happiness” is a positive, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling Human connections, in order to make people happier we need to help them build such interconnections with each … More How Can We “Have The Cake And Eat It” Too?

Having A Good Life

Question: What is an example of a good life? Answer: What is “life”?! Life is circulation, mutual communication in between diverse, seemingly incompatible elements in a closed, integrated, natural system. A “good life” is when this circulation, communication is built in between otherwise inherently selfish, egotistic, distrusting, hateful and subjective Human beings in a special, … More Having A Good Life

Happy Nobody

Question: What is better to be a nobody but happy or to be famous but lonely? Answer: I think it is better to be “a happy nobody”. Our overall purpose in life is to achieve prefect, infinite happiness. True Happiness is a unique, collective emotional impression, that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually … More Happy Nobody

Practically Happy

Question: What practical things can I do to be happy? Answer: In order to know what practical things to do for happiness, first we would need to know what “true happiness” is. Our problems is that usually we define “happiness” as something personal, that belongs to ourselves. This is why our whole life is a … More Practically Happy