Happy Nobody

Question: What is better to be a nobody but happy or to be famous but lonely? Answer: I think it is better to be “a happy nobody”. Our overall purpose in life is to achieve prefect, infinite happiness. True Happiness is a unique, collective emotional impression, that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually … More Happy Nobody

Practically Happy

Question: What practical things can I do to be happy? Answer: In order to know what practical things to do for happiness, first we would need to know what “true happiness” is. Our problems is that usually we define “happiness” as something personal, that belongs to ourselves. This is why our whole life is a … More Practically Happy

Becoming One

Question: What is the biggest achievement you want to see humankind make before you die? Answer: I would like to see Humanity reaching TRUE unity, TRUE mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, coexistence. And here the “TRUE” is the keyword. Unity, mutual coexistence, cooperation won’t be achieved through political, economic, social or military means. It … More Becoming One

Definition Of Happiness

Question: What is your definition of happiness? Mine is the avoidance/prevention of sadness. Answer: We could say that you definition is the first step towards true happiness. We are relatively simple creatures, our whole life is built on a egocentric “pleasure/pain calculation “ based operating software. Escaping pain, avoiding darkness, depression unhappiness is one step … More Definition Of Happiness