Becoming One

Question: What is the biggest achievement you want to see humankind make before you die? Answer: I would like to see Humanity reaching TRUE unity, TRUE mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, coexistence. And here the “TRUE” is the keyword. Unity, mutual coexistence, cooperation won’t be achieved through political, economic, social or military means. It … More Becoming One

Definition Of Happiness

Question: What is your definition of happiness? Mine is the avoidance/prevention of sadness. Answer: We could say that you definition is the first step towards true happiness. We are relatively simple creatures, our whole life is built on a egocentric “pleasure/pain calculation “ based operating software. Escaping pain, avoiding darkness, depression unhappiness is one step … More Definition Of Happiness

Pure Happiness

Question: What is your definition of pure happiness? Answer: The original question was “What is true happiness”. So after merging the two questions we could ask: “What is truth, what is purity?”. Truth, absolute purity has to be something objective, standard, something that is not affected by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective point … More Pure Happiness

Building A Happy World

Question: Do you think some people actually have happier lives than others, or does it all balance out? Answer: I think when we come to sensing “true happiness”, it will all balance out. What is “true happiness”? It is a mutual, collective, positive emotional impression people receive from very unique, “purposefully built” interconnections. How can … More Building A Happy World

Unearthing True Happiness

Question: Many people seem to chase after happiness, but confuse happiness with contentment. I believe ‘happiness’ is more of an intense, fleeting feeling, whereas contentment is in itself calmer, but longer lasting, what do you think? Answer: I admit that I used to use the two expressions in an interchangeable manner, but after reading your … More Unearthing True Happiness