A Different Pursuit Of Happiness

Question: Why is it bad to find happiness from other people and not within yourself?

Answer: I would say the opposite. It is not only “not bad” to find happiness from other people, but the only way to find happiness is from other people, in other people.

The “pursuit of happiness” for the proud, modern Human means trying to find personal, individual happiness, fulfilling ourselves based on our inherent self-love. Moreover this individual pursuit of happiness most of the time goes at the expense of others, and today we openly, shamelessly hurt, exploit others for our own happiness and we can perfectly justify these actions.

How do we justify such actions?

“I deserve it!” After all this is what I see, hear, learn everywhere. “I deserve my own personal happiness, the selfish fulfillment of all my egoistic cravings – which is of course purposefully stoked, inflamed by the societal influence, brainwash, marketing and propaganda.

What’s wrong with chasing “personal happiness”?

Well, we can see how “well” it works. We live in the most unhappy, depressed, empty and suicidal generation in Human history. Masses are “escaping” into destructive substance abuse, especially people who seemingly have everything one can desire in this world.

What went wrong?

The problem is that while the purpose of our existence is reaching true, infinite happiness, fulfillment, what we are chasing today is not that, we are actually reaching the opposite emotional impressions: darkness, sadness, hopelessness, hate and rejection.

True happiness is a unique, positive, collective emotional impression we can receive only from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human interconnections.

Why do we end up at the opposite end of the spectrum when we truly want happiness?

Because the way, the method of reaching true happiness is against our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature. Exploiting, hurting others for our own profit is natural. Accepting others, selflessly, unconditionally serving others, providing happiness for them is against, unacceptable for our instinctive attitude.

This is why in order to reach perfect, infinite happiness, fulfillment, in order to find true joy from others, in others first we have to learn – through the right, practical and purposeful method – how to rise above our own nature.

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