Perception Of Reality

Question: If the world is an illusion, then is it true the world only exists in the mind of the perceiver?

Answer: I do not think we can answer this question right now.

All we know – from experience and also from quantum physics – that we are born with a completely subjective, personal perception of reality. We do not see an ‘absolute world” objectively, instead we see, observe and judge “our own world” according to our own devices.

We collect data through our own individually tuned sensory organs, which data is then computed, sorted and organized by our completely self-serving, introverted personal computer, which makes calculations based on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”.

The world we perceive serves only our own selfish, egoistic goals, fulfillment, it exist only in the mind of the perceiver, but we cannot comment on the possibility of a true, absolute world existing “outside”.

In order to examine, research whether a true, absolute world exists at all, we would need to learn how to rise above our inherently self-serving, egocentric and subjective spheres. We need to exist our own, personal “Plato’s caves”.

Only when we gave birth to a unique, selfless, truly objective and independent observer – through a special, purposeful and practical method in the right, laboratory conditions – can we start searching for and attaining reality “as it is”.

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