Unearthing True Happiness

Question: Many people seem to chase after happiness, but confuse happiness with contentment. I believe ‘happiness’ is more of an intense, fleeting feeling, whereas contentment is in itself calmer, but longer lasting, what do you think?

Answer: I admit that I used to use the two expressions in an interchangeable manner, but after reading your question I agree with you. There is something extra, an addition in “happiness”.

I think you described it very precisely, that in happiness there is an emotional “surplus” above “simple” contentment.

We could say that contentment is the sense of fulfilling a need, accomplishing a goal. Happiness is an additional “reward” that comes above fulfilling the right need, accomplishing the right goal.

It is like tuning a radio to different frequencies, and finding a broadcast brings contentment, but only finding the “right” frequency, right broadcast opens up the “fountain of happiness, life”, from which incredible, unprecedented emotions flood us.

We seemingly have many different needs, goals in life and when we fulfill them we receive a sense of contentment. But only when we precisely identify the true need, purpose of our Human existence, and reach, fulfill that, then we receive true, overflowing happiness.

And this is because then this happiness is not our own. What we sense is the “contentment”, joy from Nature’s evolutionary system as a result of its “qualitatively highest creature”, Humanity reaching perfection, justifying its “Crown of Creation” title.

2 thoughts on “Unearthing True Happiness

  1. Well..i could be happy/content sitting in the wlods by a stream..with my dog and a sack lunch. Happiness is overrated, what is the feeling that denotes true happiness? Can your job do it or your best friend. That question you posed actualy begs the answer of what degree of hapinnjes you require.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, the question is what degree of happiness we require.
      Most people are content with the personal happiness you gave examples about. There is nothing wrong with that.
      But we have the ability and the “invitation” from Nature’s evolution to explore a qualitatively much higher “happiness”, sensing a “superhuman” – above our inherently egocentric, subjective scope – contentment, directly sensing Nature’s balance and homeostasis through the appropriate tool, which is a very special, purposefully built Human connection network.


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