Finding Life’s Meaning

Question: How do I make my life have meaning? What do you do when life feels like an empty void?

Answer: I would say that we cannot “make” our lives to have meaning. Our lives already have a meaning, we just need to research and find it.

I fully agree with you that our present lives feel empty, we seem to be living in a void. This is why our generations is the most empty, unhappy in Human history. The constantly worsening depression, suicide, substance abuse statistics starkly prove this point. And all this happens in a generation where most can easily find fulfillment to the usual “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power, knowledge) desires

Thus it is not surprising the number of people who are desperately asking about “meaning of life”, “how to attain happiness” is rising endlessly.

In order to find the meaning of our lives, in order to learn how to reach true happiness, satisfaction we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, that is conducted in special, closed, committed environments, where each member wants to find the answers to these increasingly disturbing questions.

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