How Do We Buy Happiness?!

Question: If money doesn’t buy happiness, what does?

Answer: In order to answer this question first we need to find the right definition for happiness.

“True happiness” is not an individual sensation, state, but it is a unique, positive,mutual emotional impression. True happiness is when I become capable of being happy for the happiness, fulfillment of the others, and they do the same towards me in a mutual, reciprocal manner in the purposefully built and conducted environment.

If we all commit to care and work only for the fulfillment and happiness of the others, above and against our instinctively self-serving, egoistic inclination – our ego trying to draw everything for itself like a gigantic black hole – we will start sensing a never before experienced, positive energy circulating in the unprecedented, selfless, altruistic, mutual connections.

This common “positive force-field” is “true happiness” we can all tangibly taste and feel in that unique environment.

Thus we buy this happiness by the mutual efforts we make towards, for each other. As wise sages expressed “through buying a Friend we buy eternal, infinite fulfillment, happiness”.

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