Definition Of Happiness

Question: What is your definition of happiness? Mine is the avoidance/prevention of sadness.

Answer: We could say that you definition is the first step towards true happiness.

We are relatively simple creatures, our whole life is built on a egocentric “pleasure/pain calculation “ based operating software.

Escaping pain, avoiding darkness, depression unhappiness is one step towards the perfect state of “true/infinite happiness/fulfillment”. But this state is governed by fear, fearing falling back into despair, pain, sadness.

In this state we just want to ‘disappear” saying “I would rather disappear, not want anything for myself, but at least then I do not have disappointments, failures, suffering of not getting what I want. I do not want to hurt anybody and I hope that then nobody will hurt me either”.

But this is not a complete state, and we can’t be satisfied with this passive, disappeared situation for long as our true matter, desire is to receive infinite pleasures, happiness.

So after we achieved a certain balance, stability on the level mentioned above, we gradually have to learn how to “open” our insatiable yearning for pleasures, happiness. We need to learn how to want “everything” without any restrictions or shame in a way that we do not hurt anything, anybody, we do not hit walls, failures, disappointments, but all the unimaginable pleasures and happiness that is available in nature’s perfect system flow through us, washing over us without any restrictions.

This is my definition of happiness, an utterly perfect, complete fulfillment, satisfaction through “love”, loving, accepting, justifying everything around us as everything becomes the source of that happiness.

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