Entering Unknown Dimensions

Question: Would you boldly go where no one has gone before if you had the chance and why or why not?

Answer: Yes and no. I would boldly go where almost no one has ever gone before.

But if truly no one has ever gone there how could I go there?

Thus I want to go where only very few have gone before, and those few gave us the map and method so we could follow.

Also this brave new dimension I would like to go to is built in such a way that I cannot get there on my own. I can only get there together mutually with like-minded others, who also made it their life’s purpose to enter that brave new dimension.

This new dimension is outside of my own, inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective sphere, consciousness and perception. It is a “quantum dimension” where the “self” does not exist in its original form, only a “non-existent” observer point remains that retains only the ability to observe, perceive without making any changes, acting in any way.

I would like to enter this brave new dimension – by annulling myself towards those others accompanying me, thus losing my “self” in them – because only such a selfless, objective, Human observer can truly research and attain reality as it is, revealing Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan and our own unique role in it.

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