We Are Interconnected

Question: Would you rather be happy when everyone’s sad or be sad when everyone’s happy?

Answer: In order to answer this question we would first need to accept and understand, that contrary to our prideful individualistic belief we are not isolated, heroic, standalone creatures. We are fully integrated, interdependent cogwheels, cells within an intricately interconnected system, organism.

Which also means that we are constantly brainwashed, emotionally influenced by the environment surrounding us. Our values, desires, thoughts, mood is not our own, but we simply display, process, stream through ourselves what is in the environment.

Thus we can’t keep ourselves happy when everybody else is sad, and can’t be sad when everybody else is happy for a prolonged time. Instead – even if we try hard to resist – we gradually adapt, dissolve into whatever is present in the environment.

Our only choice in life is choosing the environment we want to be part of, we want to display the values, states, mood of.

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