Becoming One

Question: What is the biggest achievement you want to see humankind make before you die?

Answer: I would like to see Humanity reaching TRUE unity, TRUE mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, coexistence.

And here the “TRUE” is the keyword. Unity, mutual coexistence, cooperation won’t be achieved through political, economic, social or military means. It won’t happen through the groundless, illusory “liberal” ideology or through any of the present religions, spiritual teachings. We already know this as a result of our recurring, colossal failures.

We can’t unite right now in a true manner – despite trying everything possible through the above mentioned means – because our original, inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful Human nature is against any form of unity, self-compromise.

Thus in order to achieve “TRUE connection in between people – from the family level to the level of global Human society – first we all need to go through a unique, purposeful and authentic educational program, which by its practical, emotional method can help each person to escape the inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful spheres and start seeing, feeling, perceiving reality through the desires, thoughts and viewpoints of others.

Then with the upgraded, selfless, objective consciousness, perception of reality we will be able to form TRUE connections and act, exist together as one Human “super-organism”.

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