Thinking, Acting Like “God”

Question: If you were a god, what improvements could you make physically to humans (What evolutionary ‘mistakes’ would you erase etc)?

Answer: I am just musing (in the name of “God” or singular force of Nature, or from the viewpoint of the real Theory of Everything)…

If I were “God” (Nature with its intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan) I were perfect and omnipotent. Which means that whatever I did, do and will do is immediately perfect without any blemish, need for correction. So if I created the world and the Human beings in it, from the moment I “thought” about creating them they would have been perfect to start with.

Which means that I have nothing to correct, improve upon, since they are all utterly perfect from the first moment of their existence.

So these “puny people” feel themselves imperfect, they think they need improvements, they need their faulty parts, software erased, upgraded?

That is not my problem. Obviously from my point of view they are perfect as they are. Perhaps it is their own perception of reality, the way they look at the world, that is imperfect, faulty! They wanted some free choice, some Human independence no?!

So here they go: their free choice is to correct their perception of reality, how they view the world and themselves until they see that everything, including themselves are perfect.

Oh, they feel they can’t do it alone, that it is too hard?

Ok, if they ask me nicely, honestly, if they truly want to see perfection and are ready to change their viewpoint completely, if they generated an overwhelming desire that overcomes all other instinctive desires and are utterly ready to leave behind their present self-centered, egoistic viewpoint… then I will help them!

(Then the relentless steamroller of evolution rolls on, pushing, piling the pressure on, waiting for the honest, scrutinized request from people…)

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