Living The Life You Want

Question: Why do people not live the life they want to live?

Answer: There are three major reasons:

  1. In order to know “how to live”, “what to live for” first of all we would need a final, overall goal, purpose that defines our life. Without such overall goal, purpose life simply becomes a day to day, instinctive survival, like the life of other animals.
  2. Although we proudly believe in our individual uniqueness – and of course we are all unique in terms of our qualities, characteristics, talents – our values, aspirations, desires and goals do not “originate within ourselves”. We receive our values, aspirations, desires and goals from the environment we live in.
  3. We exist in a closed, intelligent, fully determined Natural system that is built upon and governed by a precise, relentlessly progressing plan of evolution. Thus we already have an overall, unchanging, perfect final Human goal, purpose in this plan. And whether we want it or not the plan and the cause and effect processes in the Natural system will take us to that goal.

Our unique Human free choice is not about who we are, what developmental process we need to go through and what our final Human purpose in life is. Our free choice relates to how, in what manner we go through this process, how fast and pleasantly we reach our final destination: becoming perfect, all knowing Human observers of the system, “taking over its governance” like deserving “crowns of creation”.

This can happen the most efficient, most pleasant way if we proactively, consciously research nature’s system, its evolutionary plan, trying to reveal our purpose, “cogwheel role” in it and in what way we can fulfill that role in the most optimal way.

And according all the above this needs to unfold in a uniquely organized, purposefully conducted, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment, society where we use the appropriate, authentic, practical educational method.

When we made our purpose, desired goal exactly what Nature’s evolutionary plan outlined for us, we will live the life we want to live without any problems, going from strength to strength.

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