Making Your Own Luck

Question: What is the luckiest thing that happened to you?

Answer: Life is seemingly full of lucky (or unlucky) coincidences.

After all we are lucky (or unlucky) to be born to the parents we had, we are lucky (or not) to find the “life of our life” who becomes our spouse. We are lucky (or not) to find a good profession, job opportunity for ourselves. And finally we are lucky (or not) to find a purposeful environment and the suitable method that can give us the tools to research Nature’s complete system and its intelligent developmental plan, fulfilling the overall purpose in our lives as a result.

But when we start studying that method and start to see previously unseen cause and effect processes in reality, we understand that in Nature’s perfect system there are random events, coincidences. A “miracle”, “luck” is an event, state where we previously could not see the necessary cause and effect link in between two states that are seemingly disconnected from one another.

By studying and understanding the system we can change our own lack. We can facilitate and hasten, sweeten the previously unseen, not understood cause and affect processes, taking our fate into our own hands.

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