Becoming Alive

Question: Are you alive or just suriving?

Answer: By default we are all simply surviving, languishing. We are blindly chasing our day to day fulfillment through the usual, “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power, knowledge) desires. This is not a “truly Human” life yet.

In order to become alive as “fully fledged” Human beings – that merit the title “crowns of creation” – we need to purposefully study and understand Nature’s closed, intelligent system and its predetermined, relentlessly progressing plan of evolution.

This plan contains our unique, unchanging individual and collective Human “cogwheel role” within the system. By the time we go through this “cosmic education” – mapping, understanding all the cause and effect processes governing the system – we become equal to the initial “thought” that brought reality into life.

In that “truly Human” state – “Human” in its Hebrew translation originates from the expression “similar” – we sense as if we ourselves designed and governed the whole system.

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