Practically Happy

Question: What practical things can I do to be happy?

Answer: In order to know what practical things to do for happiness, first we would need to know what “true happiness” is.

Our problems is that usually we define “happiness” as something personal, that belongs to ourselves. This is why our whole life is a stubborn chase towards individual pleasures, fulfillments since happiness is the consequence, “reward” of reaching a fulfillment, accomplishing a yearned for goal.

But personal fulfillment, happiness is transient, fickle and is determined by numerous individual states, factors. And each personal fulfillment draws an even greater emptiness, void with it – due to our individual, selfish desires being very superficial with an extremely limited capacity for personal fulfillment.

Thus today – despite having more pleasures, fulfillment available for us than in any other time in history – we are more unhappy, empty and depressed than ever.

“True, perfect happiness” is not personal, but it is a unique, positive, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human relationships.

When we – in a purposeful, mutually committed environment – aim only to provide fulfillment, happiness to others – above and despite our inherently selfish, egoistic instincts, inclinations – then we go beyond our original personal boundaries, shortcomings and establish a never ending, boundless flow of collective “happy energy” in between us.

With our perfect, mutual interconnections we create the optimal vessel, “radio receiver” that can capture Nature’s unconditionally loving, serving, life-giving energy flow. This is what circulates in our optimal connections giving us the sense, taste of perfect, infinite happiness.

Thus the practical things we need to do for happiness are steps to build the above mentioned mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling, altruistic Human interconnections in order to capture “Nature’s perfect happiness”.

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