Infinite Contentment Through Fulfilling Others

Question: Are you more content with your life now than when you were younger?

Answer: I would say yes, but the contentment I feel now (I am 53) and the contentment I felt in my twenties for example is hardly comparable.

I could say that when I was younger my contentment was mostly quantitative, how much I enjoyed the fulfillment through the usual desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power and knowledge.

Now my contentment is more quantitative, it is more important how, with what intention, for whose sake I enjoy what I enjoy.

The “vessel”, the mode of fulfillment has changed completely. When I was younger everything was about me, how much, in what way I can fulfill myself. Now I am more focused on how I can give pleasures, contentment to others, what is it that I can “flow through” myself to give contentment to another.

Previously my observer, that point noting and enjoying the fulfillment, pleasure resided firmly in “me”. Now this observer moved inside, resides in others, in those I love, and I sense what they lack, and try fulfilling those lacks, needs and sense how they become happy, content as a result.

This opened up a completely new dimension of contentment, joy, pleasure as I am not limited any longer to my own, small, self-centered, self-serving, subjective, egotistic desire to find contentment in. I have boundless, infinite “vessels”, desires to work with, everything depends only how many people I can attach to myself through “love” – an honest, selfless desire to feel the desire of another and fulfill it without any egotistic calculations, distortions unconditionally.

This new, “wiser”, selfless contentment is infinitely greater compared to the grain of sand that is the “youthful”, selfish contentment, because when we receive pleasure from giving to others, feeling their contentment we tap into Nature’s perfect, infinite “life-force”.

Through a certain similarity achieved with this selfless, endlessly giving, loving Natural force, we tune to its frequency and sense that “otherworldly” pleasure that comes from unconditional love, bestowal!

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