How Can We “Have The Cake And Eat It” Too?

Question: What is a simple thing you can do to make the people around you a bit happier?

Answer: Since “true happiness” is a positive, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling Human connections, in order to make people happier we need to help them build such interconnections with each other.

Contrary to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic beliefs and the misguided upbringing, education, environmental influence we receive, individual happiness is very shallow and transient. It is not surprising that in an age when we can stuff ourselves with more pleasures than we can ever consume, enjoy, we are emptier, more depressed and frustrated than ever before.

It is actually natural evolution that shows us that by constantly trying to fulfill ourselves, caring only for our own selfish, subjective needs, desires, we make us only sadder, unhappier, worse, in order to force us to search for the only alternative: trying to find our true contentment, happiness through the contentment of others, by selflessly, unconditionally giving them, serving them.

If this unfolds in a closed, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment, then everybody will receive absolute, infinite, qualitatively higher joy and contentment.

We will literally “have the cake and we will also eat it”, as while we all receive everything we need, what we actually enjoy is the happiness of others as we fill them with pleasures!

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