The Definition Of Happiness

Question: What is your definition of happiness and does it include having other(s) in your life?

Answer: “My” (it’s not mine as this definition is based on natural laws of the system we live in) definition is the following: true happiness, contentment is a collective emotional impression from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human relationships, where each member commits to care only about the contentment, fulfillment of the others in a closed environment.

Then these people can create a unique “happiness network” where an unprecedented flow of energy, sense of well-being, true absolute contentment starts flowing within the transparent, selfless, altruistic network.

In fact the contentment, well-being, energy they sense is not theirs, but it is Nature’s life-giving, all-encompassing force-field that fills their connections as they removed the only obstacle: their inherently selfish, egotistic and subjective consciousness, perception of reality by using the special method their connection is built upon. It is this flow that our devices tangibly, realistically decode, sense as “bliss”, eternal happiness.

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