Group Study

Question: What is the best age for group studying to work? Answer: From cradle to the grave. The collective mind, collective intelligence we can build in a purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment always trumps the individual genius thus group study is vastly superior to individual study at any age group. This is so according … More Group Study

Nationalism, Separatism, Supremacy

Question: How do you differentiate between nationalism, separatism, and supremacy? Answer: We are all born with an inherently proud, individualistic, self-centered, self-justifying and distrusting nature. We all have a strong sense of individual and national (tribal) identity. This tribal identity is interesting as it can group us together alongside such “artificial” constructs as sports teams … More Nationalism, Separatism, Supremacy

Reasonable Risk Taking

Question: What risk should I take every day? Answer: Take the risk of giving up your own personal opinions, thoughts and desires and accept the opinions, thoughts and desires of a unique, purposeful mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment you built for yourself. Especially in our modern, fully integrated and interdependent world the “collective mind”, … More Reasonable Risk Taking

True Independence

Question: We are brought up, educated to they’ve towards individual freedom, independence, persual happiness, and by our generation we have become the most independent, free than ever. Still we are the most empty, aimless, depressed generation – especially considering our open opportunities – in Human history! How is this possible?! Answer: It is true that … More True Independence

The Crucial, Mutual Interconnections

Question: What’s something we humans can do in everyday life to make the world a better place? Answer: The single, most important thing we have to do every day, every moment is to keep building, sustaining and strengthening the mutual interconnections in between us. Especially in the globally integrated, fully interdependent world we evolved on … More The Crucial, Mutual Interconnections

Becoming More Rational – Through Collective Mind

Question: What can I do to force myself to be more rational (rather than emotional) when making decisions? Answer: I agree with you that by default our decision making is almost solely emotional. This is not surprising since we are primary emotional, sentient creatures driven by instincts, hormonal reactions, since our basic matter is the … More Becoming More Rational – Through Collective Mind

Dealing With Problems In An Integral World

Question: How do you deal with problems in life? Answer: By climbing onto the shoulders of others. Contrary to our inherently proud, individualistic, heroic beliefs on our own we are exactly like body parts that have been severed from the body and are left alone. Especially today – in the fully integrated and interdependent world … More Dealing With Problems In An Integral World