True Independence

Question: We are brought up, educated to they’ve towards individual freedom, independence, persual happiness, and by our generation we have become the most independent, free than ever. Still we are the most empty, aimless, depressed generation – especially considering our open opportunities – in Human history! How is this possible?!

Answer: It is true that everything from upbringing, education, environmental influence urges is towards individual independence, freedom.

What we don’t realize is that individual independence in truth locks us into ourselves, anchors us into our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjects cocoons.

We still don’t understand that selfish, egotistic independence cuts us off true life, separates us from the general circulation, circulation of the vast, cosmic Natural system we exist in.

When we “find solitude”, when we proudly “go alone” we are like cells, organs that become separated from the general, collective body of Humanity which itself is embedded into Nature’s fully integrated system.

True independence “paradoxically” is the liberation, independence from the inherently selfish egos which allows our integration, “dissolving” into mutual connections with others.

When we are disconnected from the ego, suddenly we become independent from any egocentric, selfish calculations, self-concern, self-protection.

Through the separation from the ego we become completely free to start selflessly, unconditionally love, serve and bond with others.

If this is achieved in a purposeful built, closed environment, group this admits us into a unique “mother’s womb”, perfect “Human incubator”, where we can sense “perfect, absolute love”, infinite freedom and a sense of eternal unbounded existence freed from any thoughts about the self, above the individualistic, subjective limitations of time, space, motion.

This perfect, infinitely free state is achieved by passing through the “filter” of the above mentioned special, purposeful environment, where everybody aims at self-annulment, forsaking individual independence for the sake of mutual guarantee.

There people can generate an unprecedented complete, mutual trust, so each friend can fall into the embracing arms of the others, feeling utterly liberated in order to worry, care only about the others, thus creating the above mentioned unique incubator.

And in that space, through the consciously generated interconnections they feel Nature’s singular, life-giving, governing force flowing through the connections without any egotistic resistance, distortion.

This is the true, independent, free, unbounded life experience. Reaching this is our Human purpose in life!

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