What’s Unique In Israel?

Question: What is something you can find in Israel that you cannot find anywhere else?

Answer: Apart from all the usual historic, religious sites, colourful impressions, tastes in Israel we find the most unique “Nation”.

They are the most diverse, seemingly incompatible people – without original genetic, cultural, social or familial connections – with a burning tendency for infighting, rejecting, undermining one another, but uniting like no other when external enemies threaten, common loss griefs them.

Most importantly this unique Nation holds in its hands the only practical, educational method – based on the Torah’s single most important commandment of “Love your Friends as yourself” – that can teach us how to counter, properly use our inherently selfish, hateful egos for building unlikely, sustainable, functioning unity, mutual responsibility in order to survive.

Today the whole of Humanity – seemingly helplessly trapped in a globally integrated, interdependent world where the instinctive ego behaves like cancer – needs this “Jewish method” even Israelis have to learn, revive again.

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