Peace Leading To Happiness

Question: What is the correlation between being at peace and being happy?

Answer: We can say that “being at peace” leads to “happiness”. But since we clothe everything into our subjective, egocentric emotions that confuse the picture, it’s easier to explain it according to Natural laws.

In Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent systems “happiness”/contentment is a sense that arises from reached, fragile balance, homeostasis.

This fragile balance, homeostasis is the “peace”, mutually responsible, mutually complementing connection, equilibrium in between very diverse, seemingly incompatible, “warring” elements, cells, organs, interconnected by Nature’s all-encompassing developmental force that enables, facilitates life.

If we translate it to Human society, if we learn how to build peace, mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation between people above vast, inherent diversity, despite the instinctive, mutual distrust, animosity, then the ensuing fragile balance, homeostasis gives us the sense of “Happiness”, contentment.

Thus is now our usual, very limited and transient egocentric, subjective happiness that’s the result of fulfilling selfish needs, desires. This is the primordial Happiness, contentment of sensing Nature’s developmental force, that flows through, sustains the network we have purposefully, methodically built.

So far we took life for granted, we don’t actually sense how life “happens”, unfolds in us. Thru the above mentioned unique Human integration, network we can sharply, tangibly sense and evaluate and fully cherish real, Human life.

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