A Bright Future

Question: As for your individual fields of expertise and personal opinion. What are your thoughts of humanity in the future?

Answer: First of all Humanity’s future is bright, as our future role, purpose in Nature’s perfect system is predetermined by Nature’s intelligent, deterministic evolutionary plan. We have to reach our role as “crowns of evolution” fully attaining the cause and effect processes of the above mentioned plan, acquiring a conscious, partnering role with Nature’s singular developing force.

The only question – and this is where our free choice is found – is how we reach that final, perfect purpose.

Do we wait for Nature’s evolution to keep pushing us through recurring crisis situations, increasingly intolerable suffering forward as it has been happening through millennia?

Or we take our development consciously, proactively into our own hands by studying Nature’s plan and willingly changing, adapting ourselves to it, preparing for our role with full awareness?

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