“Glorious” Humanity

Question: Why do people glorify humanity if humanity is bad?

Answer: Humanity is not “bad”, we are not responsible for the state we are in right now.

In order to be “bad”, “evil” or “sinful” one would need to have free choice about one’s actions. Humanity up to this point had no free choice.

We were “created” by Nature’s evolution with an inherently selfish, hateful and greedy ego, which has been driving us towards ruthless, exclusive competition for resources, survival, succeeding at the expense of others.

Human history – the chronicle of the incessantly growing, insatiable Human ego – has been a blind, instinctive chain of recurring vicious cycles.

True free choice opens up for us only in our generation. Today when we “successfully” distorted, corrupted liberal, parliamentary democracy and free market capitalism as well, finally masses of people started to recognize our ego as the root cause for all our recurring problems.

This recognition is the first condition for free choice, building in us a need for inner change. The second condition is an available, suitable, purposeful and practical method to exert such a change. And today we have this method as well.

Thus the notion of Humanity being bad or sinful, the true path of “reward and punishment” starts with us. We have the choice of consciously, methodically changing ourselves, adapting our nature to Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system by integrating with each other. In this case will will start solving all our problems and start enjoying Nature’s infinite Wisdom and all the benefits that come from this mutual integration.

Then we will become “truly Human” – creatures that can act above, against their instinctive nature, and this way we will justify our existence as “Crowns of Evolution”.

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