Inbuilt Hatred Covered By Acquired Love

Question: Hatred is a learned attitude. Can Hatred be reversed?

Answer: I am sorry to say but hatred is not “learned”. Hatred is in us by default, it is our primary operating software.

We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy nature. It is this same nature that makes us believe that we are “good”, that we can genuinely care for, love, accept others. But in truth it drives us towards ruthless, exclusive competition, success at the expense of others.

Only in very sharp, dramatic, “life or death” circumstances, or in a purposefully built, unique “Human laboratory” – environment – can we successfully provoke and detect our real nature, the “snake” within. This “revelation of evil” – of course it is not evil since we are born with this nature without any free choice – is crucially important, since we can’t cure, correct a problem until we actually know about it.

Thus as long as we keep reassuring ourselves and others that it is only certain people, groups of people that are born evil or learned to be hateful, we just deceive ourselves and sink deeper into problems.

When we come to the true – brutally honest – recognition and we want to make a change, want to upgrade ourselves we also have to understand that this hate, the ego is “burnt into our being” we can’t suppress it, delete it.

Thus we have to learn how to purposefully build, acquire love above it, covering “all the sins” with true love.

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