Growing Into Being Human

Question: What is the one thing that most convinces you that life originated through abiogenesis?

Answer: The four levels of development through inanimate, vegetative, animate and Human levels repeats itself at all level of Nature. It repeats even within the Human level where we ourselves go through those 4 phases.

Thus we can see it for ourselves, on ourselves how inanimate turns to vegetative, then vegetative to animate and finally animate to Human.

The inanimate level – both in Nature and within the Human level – is not truly “inanimate”. It also – as everything in reality – consists of a desire, the primordial desire for self-preservation. Without this innate desire for self-preservation, to “survive” no structure, particle could hold itself in existence, would simply disappear without any trace.

Within the Human level of Nature we call “inanimate” a simple individual, who lives absolutely instinctively, living life day to day, only caring about simple survival without any other consideration, as if outside of society, caring about nothing else but oneself.

Life is about building mutual connections in between otherwise “lifeless”, self-serving elements, creating a mutual circulation, communication in between them in closed, integrated and interdependent natural systems.

Those Humans who want to move higher on the evolutionary level by the push of Nature’s evolution, in order to reach a qualitatively higher level of existence, start making connections with others, building an environment which will then define their existence.

This level of instinctive existence within the environment, where each individual moves, lives, progresses together without any individual tendencies – but already sensing a mutual circulation, communication – is the vegetative level of Human development. In such an environment it is impossible to discern individuals, there is only a very minimal differentiation in between them.

The animate level of development in Humanity already signifies strong individual tendencies, roles within the environment, a very clear separation, movements, actions, intentions to use the environment for one’s own sake. In the “animate environment” individuals have their own goals, problems, life-path which was not obvious on the vegetative level. This level also develops instinctively by the push of nature’s evolutionary force.

Humanity is very different on the “animate-Human” level from the actual animals within Nature. On this level – where most of us are standing today – the individualistic Humans try to use, exploit Human society, the environment for their own selfish purposes, making calculations based on self-serving desires, succeeding, accumulating possessions – way beyond their necessities – at the expense of others. A ruthless, exclusive competition develops, despite their unbreakable connections, despite the clear interdependence.

“Real animals” always remain within Nature’s “circle of life”, never consuming beyond their natural necessities and making calculations for the sake of the optimal state, well_being of the whole collective, helping to maintain balance, homeostasis. “Animate-Humans” behave like cancer.

Our transition to “Human-Human” level is not going to happen instinctively. This is the first time in Natural evolution where the transition from one developmental level to the next one has to unfold by the push, conscious desire, need of the “creature”. In fact we merit “being Human” only when we develop this proactive conscious desire to move from this “cancer-like” “animate_ Human level to a “Human-Human” level.

Although the need for this transition comes from our sense of imminent doom, as our cancerous Nature reaches a final breaking point in Human society, still we have a free choice in between remaining as we are, or choosing to change ourselves.

Being “truly Human”means consciously, proactively becoming similar to Nature’s system. Willingly, with free choice we have to opt to re-integrate into nature’s fully interconnected, interdependent system, giving up our cancer-like behavior, acquiring selfless, altruistic intentions to cover our egoistic tendencies, and becoming like any other animal in the system.

But since we do this re-integration consciously against our inherently selfish, egocentric, harmful initial software, we integrate into the system with full awareness, becoming the “”owners”, benevolent “guardians” of the Natural Universe.

Sorry for the long answer, it might have gone beyond what the question asked, still hopefully you will find it helpful.

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