True Zionism The World Will Accept

Question: What is it like to be a non-Zionist Jew?

Answer: The oxymoron of “non-Zionist Jew” exists only in our “modern”, misguided, corrupted worldview, when we completely forgot what “being Jewish”, what “Israel”, ”Eretz Israel”means.

In this misguided view “Zionism” is equated with resettling a piece of land that belonged to the Jewish forefathers, so Jews that were scattered all over the world could return and peacefully live there.

This view completely disregards the original, historic Jewish role in the world, the true reason why Jews have longed to return to their Land for thousands of years.

Jews are supposed to return to their Land in order to rebuild their Nation on its original, “godly foundations” of “supernatural” – above inherent differences, despite instinctive, mutual “unfounded hatred” – unity and mutual guarantee.

Jews are supposed to rebuild the Nation of Israel in Eretz Israel in order to show a “shining”, positive example to everybody else how unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation is possible despite everything that tries to prevent such unity.

Global Humanity has no other chance of problem solving, surviving in a globally integrated and interdependent world but following the “Jewish method”: “supernatural” – above instincts nature – unity.

If Jews do not return to “true Zionism” the nations of the world will continue questioning their right to exist, promoting the annihilation of Israel – continuing their seemingly irrational, unjustifiable hatred against Jews – more and more Jews will leave and the State of Israel – without its inner meaning, purpose – will again cease to exist!

Thus we urgently need a new “national education” so Jews can re-learn their crucial, irreplaceable role in the world for their own sake and for the sake of Humanity!

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