Governance By Assembly

Question: Shouldn’t the presidency be a council of wise individuals instead of one person? Answer: That is the future. But for this first of we need to learn, understand – through the right, purposeful and practical educational method – what it means to live in a fully integrated and interdependent world, and how our inherently … More Governance By Assembly

True Zionism The World Will Accept

Question: What is it like to be a non-Zionist Jew? Answer: The oxymoron of “non-Zionist Jew” exists only in our “modern”, misguided, corrupted worldview, when we completely forgot what “being Jewish”, what “Israel”, ”Eretz Israel”means. In this misguided view “Zionism” is equated with resettling a piece of land that belonged to the Jewish forefathers, so … More True Zionism The World Will Accept