“True Religion”v Mankind’s Conscious, Scientific Connection To Its Source

Question: How has religion got so much to do with how the world is run and how can I separate myself from it completely?

Answer: What we call “religion” today has nothing to do with “true religion”. “True religion” is the essence of Mankind, it is our primordial relationship to, dependency on Nature’s system and its all-encompassing evolutionary plan, its natural laws.

Human beings are the only “creatures” that know, sense that they are born from a certain system, which system gave them life and which system still influences, controls them. Human history is about how Mankind is sensing, defining its relationship to the Natural system we evolved from and still exist in. In general this relationship, our never ceasing curiosity to find “who/what” gave us life and “why”, to find the answer to “what life’s true meaning is” is “true religion”.

The “original, true religion” was established, described by a few very unique, “primordial” empirical natural scientists, who – by their own unique qualities and favorable environmental circumstances – managed to research and fully attain, map Nature’s complete system, its basic laws and its intelligent evolutionary plan. They wrote down their scientific findings, conclusions in special, symbolically written “research journals”.

Unfortunately since most of those original scientists passed away and their successors lost their skills and devotion due to the exponentially growing Human ego, the original direct attainment is lost. As a result we are left with those symbolically written original, authentic texts, that have been converted into “religious documents”, taking their meanings literally, turning “true religion” into idol worship, blind faith, and ruthless tools for exerting power over the masses.

Today the closest form we have to the original “true religion” is the overwhelming, modern scientific effort, thrive to reveal and describe Nature’s “theory of everything”. But contemporary science won’t be able to achieve this “holy grail” without the original “religious, scientific method” that requires the scientists to change themselves from inherently egoistic subjective observers to selfless, objective ones, in order to become similar in qualities to the researched Natural system. Without this similarity we have no chance of researching, understanding, attaining anything.

Thus instead of separating ourselves from “religion” we need to return to the original, “true, scientific religion”, in order to become true, objective, empirical scientists who can study and finally understand Nature’s system and our unique Human role in it.

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