Conscious Human Survival

Question: Why are you part of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?

Answer: I agree that most of us are part of the “Human Extinction Movement”, “bravely” marching towards seemingly inevitable self-destruction. But I do not agree that this movement is “Voluntary”.

Up to this point we are not “volunteers”, we are marching towards our collective doom based on our inherent nature, following our instincts. It is our selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature – which was given to us by Nature’s evolution – that drives us towards the cliff. Thus we can’t even blame ourselves until we finally recognize where we are heading and why we are heading that way.

Free choice, becoming “volunteers” counts only from the moment when we label our inherent nature – that operates in all of us without exception – harmful, and we reveal a special, purposeful and practical educational method that gives us the chance to change ourselves.

Fortunately there is such a method.

Thus we are standing at crossroads today, for the first time in Human history we can decide if we remain members of the “Involuntary Human Extinction Movement” or we willingly join the “Voluntary Human Recovery/Survival Movement”, where we gradually, purposefully change, upgrade our inherent nature until we become capable of building true, sustainable unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation above and despite our inherent nature.

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