Born Egoistic

Question: Do you believe people are born bad or become bad through circumstances?

Answer: This of course depends on how we define “bad”. Moreover this question cuts deep into the domain of “free choice”, since we can define something “bad”, “evil” or “sinful” only if one had a free choice in the matter. If there is no free choice those definitions cannot be applied.

Thus we can immediately refute the claim of “being born bad”, since how can one be responsible for qualities, characteristics one is born with?

We are all born with inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy qualities, but since we received those qualities from Natural evolution we are not to blame for our selfish ego.

Free choice starts only when we start revealing, accepting that we are indeed selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy – and I think today we are very close to this point; and we also have a choice, possibility to change our nature to a different one. And there exists a unique, purposeful and practical educational method which – in the right circumstances – can upgrade our inherent nature to an opposite, new nature.

Thus only those people who already recognized their inherent nature as harmful, causing all the problems in the world through instinctive behavior; and also received the appropriate “remedy”, educational method in their hands have free choice. Only about these people can we say whether they are “bad/good” depending on whether they choose to use the available remedy or not.

(By the way our original, selfish and hateful ego is not “bad”, we were purposefully given this nature by Nature’s evolution. Our Human purpose in the system is to reach a full awareness, attainment of Nature’s system by comprising of two opposite “sides”, holding both the attractive and rejection, positive and negative forces of Nature in our hands. Without the vast, sharp contrast, without the unique comparative research we could never acquire an objective perception of reality, thus we could never achieve the necessary independent Human observer point in reality!)

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