Governance By Assembly

Question: Shouldn’t the presidency be a council of wise individuals instead of one person?

Answer: That is the future. But for this first of we need to learn, understand – through the right, purposeful and practical educational method – what it means to live in a fully integrated and interdependent world, and how our inherently egotistic, self-justifying, subjective nature, perception is incompatible with it.

Then it will become clear that any – even the “best” – individual can make decisions only selfishly in a corrupted, distorted manner and only a specially, purposefully built mutual intelligence – built above, against the instinctive egotistic calculations desires – is capable of making the right decisions, actions.

Then we will understand why the only time in Human history when a Nation – The Nation of Israel until the destruction of the Second Temple – lived in the most advanced society that was built on “mutual guarantee”, governance was conducted through the “great assembly/Sanhedrin”. Later on Napoleon to a certain extent tried to re-establish the Sanhedrin – albeit unsuccessfully.

This is not surprising since this kind of governance, which is against our inherent nature requires serious, gradual preparation, education in order to work.

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