Science Is Dead Unless We Upgrade The Scientist/Observer

Question: Is the scientific method dead?

Answer: The scientific approach we have been using so far is dead indeed. Especially since quantum physics appeared on the scene. This is why all the classical sciences are becoming philosophical, theoretical since they “lost contact” with any practical possibility to apply what they philosophize about.

As we have learned about ourselves and how we approach reality, our perception of reality is 100% egocentric and subjective, moreover even with our thoughts, approach we already distort what we observe, so we have no chance of researching, revealing, understanding reality as it is.

Thus in order for science to move forward, first we would need to establish a selfless, objective viewpoint where our subjective mind, perception and egotistic calculations can’t disturb our vision.

So the only science we need is not a science that tries to exploit manipulate, change the external world for our own selfish usage, but a science that can change us, our own consciousness, viewpoint in order to make Human beings the selfless, transparent observers of reality what evolution expects from us.

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