Sustainability In An Integral Ecosystem

Question: What is the most sustainable place on Earth?

Answer: I apologize for the negative answer, but the question does not make sense. Earth – in fact the whole Universe – is a single, closed, fully integrated and interdependent Natural system which works by the principle of “all or nothing”.

There is no partiality in such a Natural system, even if the smallest part of it is “sick”, not properly sustainable then the whole system is sick and moves towards healing or destruction like our biological bodies.

This is what we do not get about “globalization” either. We can’t escape in a bunker or to New Zealand, Australia believing that then we are far away from the ills of the world. In an integral system everything and everybody is affected by everything that happens.

And since Human beings are the only conscious beings in this system with free choice, the whole system’s sustainability depends on our actions, whether we keep Nature’s fundamental laws governing integration, natural consumption.

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