Governance By Assembly

Question: Shouldn’t the presidency be a council of wise individuals instead of one person? Answer: That is the future. But for this first of we need to learn, understand – through the right, purposeful and practical educational method – what it means to live in a fully integrated and interdependent world, and how our inherently … More Governance By Assembly

A Relatively Unknown, But Authentic Brand In Spirituality

Question: What are some unknown brands you have used and have a good experience? Answer: “Bnei Baruch” is a relatively unknown brand among spiritual teachings, even among those who teach Kabbalah. And it also has a lot of opposers, enemies among those who tried it and found it to be completely different from other teachings, … More A Relatively Unknown, But Authentic Brand In Spirituality

Implementing “Meaning Of Life” In Practice

Question: Philosophically, what really is the so-called meaning of life and why? Answer: I cannot tell you the “meaning of life” philosophically, as “philosophical meaning” is not really “meaning”, it remains a theory, philosophy. I can only tell you the “meaning of life” practically. Practically the “meaning of life” is to research, find and finally … More Implementing “Meaning Of Life” In Practice