10 Steps To Change The World

Question: What are the first 10 actions that should be done to change the world?

Answer: I am not sure if I will reach ten at the end but let us start:

  1. In order to change something first we have to recognize the need for change. I think today most people – unless they are completely disconnected from what is happening in the world with their head stuck in the sand – recognized that we are heading for disaster and something has to change.
  2. In order to change something we would need to recognize that root cause of the problems needing change. Again I think most people have recognized today, that the root cause of all of our problem is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic, hateful and greedy ego.
  3. In order to be successful in changing we also have to be very honest with ourselves. Thus we have to accept that the above mentioned ego is not something that is specific to certain people, to certain groups of people, to people with certain political, religious, national or cultural affiliations, but that this destructive, cancerous ego is driving all of us.
  4. When we reached the recognition that in order to change the world we all need to change ourselves, we have to search for a remedy, a practical method that can accomplish it. What method is capable of changing Human nature, especially as we have nothing else but this nature?! Only a unique educational method can change Human nature, Human behavior without coercion, using positive motivation, sound, scientific laws, principles explanations.
  5. Still we have tried many different educational methods but they have all failed as the methods themselves were created, implemented from within, and with the same selfish, egotistic, exploitative nature we would want to change! We are in a Catch 22! Thus we need a unique education that was designed, established by unique empirical scientists, who as a result of their special sensitivity and favorable conditions already managed to acquire a different, second nature on top of our inherent one. Thus these pioneers can help us to go through the same process they have already gone through.
  6. When we have the educational method for changing Human nature through positive motivation we also need a “Human laboratory” where we can practice, try these unprecedented, fundamental self-changes in “safe”, reproducible manner so we can assure that the method works. This we need to build smaller groups where through purposeful, methodical, mutually supportive and mutually complementing interaction people can help each other to rise above their inherent egos and acquire a new, “supernatural” – above the instinctively egoistic, selfish, subjective nature – behavior, attitude towards others.
  7. When these small groups have reached a certain level of maturity they can grow, and interconnect until the mass of people who managed to acquire this second nature reach a certain “critical mass” in a given society. Then by their positive example and the success they can show to others, that is achieved by their unique mutual interactions, cooperation, problems solving ability, they can attract the rest of the society who continue suffering because of their uncorrected egos.
  8. Then as we change Human relationships through the educational method people become better equipped to build new systems, structures in society that avoids the problems we encountered before, where all our ideologies, systems were built by the ego, in order to serve the ego. Now all the ideologies, systems are built to serve the whole collective, the whole system above, against the ego.
  9. But since the changes are achieved by the right education, with willing, open participation without any coercion, these changes become sustainable, self-generation, self-reinforcing.
  10. We start living in a new, qualitatively much higher, truly global Human society in a system called “mutual guarantee”.

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