It’s Never Pointless To Try To Change Upgrade Ourselves!

Question: Do you ever feel like making an effort in life is pointless as we are close to extinction?

Answer: I agree with you that if we do not make significant, fundamental changes we are going to become extinct either in this or in the next generation.

After all – as a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature driving us – we are inevitably sleepwalking towards a global catastrophe which could be triggered any moment from multiple different directions (geopolitical hot-spots, Europe and other mutual economic unions collapsing, climate change, unprecedented, all-encompassing economic crisis as we never learned the lessons of 2008, unmanageable antibiotic resistance to bacterial infections, etc).

Since all the “solutions” present day leaders and experts are offering are making things only worse, since all the new, “unconventional” politicians, parties desperate people elect into new governments swiftly become exactly like all the others, as you wrote it seems that making any effort in life is pointless.

But fortunately it is not so.

We never lived in a generation where people – as result of all the historic and present day experience – finally realized that the root cause behind all of our problems is our own, inherently egotistic, hateful and greedy nature that drives all of us. We still do not know how we could change our own nature with the very same nature we need to change (correcting, harnessing the ego by using the same ego since we have nothing else), but at least we are already getting desperate, sensing an unprecedented breaking point, unprecedented “life or death” crossroad in Human history.

And such breaking points, crossroads can awaken so far dormant abilities, discoveries in us which we can use to redirect Human development from now on. Such a tense, intolerable situation can give birth to a new, “anti-egoistic” quality in us, evolution providing us with a remedy for survival.

This awakening as a result of the very clear and present danger of Human extinction is not enough, and would remain unfulfilled without the right, purposeful and practical educational method which can develop it into a fully functioning new Human paradigm.

Thus we have to use our sense of imminent danger and the available educational method to change ourselves and with that change the course of Human history from a blind, instinctive, hapless, hopeless chain of recurring, constantly worsening vicious cycles, to a conscious, purposeful development when we go from strength to strength towards a qualitatively much higher, collective existence.

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