The Goal Of Human Life

Question: What is the real goal of human life and how is it achieved?

Answer: The real goal, purpose of Human life is to actually become Human, to find our unique individual and collective Human “cogwheel role” in Nature’s perfect evolutionary system.

Human means similar (from its original Hebrew translation: Adam – domeh). WE have to become similar in qualities to the selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving Natural system so as a result of the similarity we could research, understand and fully justify it “from within”.

Humans are the only elements of the system who need to consciously, proactively integrate into the system against their originally self-centered, egotistic, subjective nature. As a result even after we integrate we won’t lose our independent observer capability and use the contrast in between our original egotistic inclination, instincts and the acquired, natural, selfless, altruistic intentions for comparative research and objective attainment.

Achieving this truly Human status is the purpose of the last, conscious phase of Human development after millennia of blind, instinctive evolution through recurring, destructive, vicious cycles.

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