The Wise Knows Nothing, But Passes On Everything

Question: How true is it when someone says “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know” on a subject? When someone is an expert on something isn’t that because they are able to retain, as much as, possible on a subject?

Answer: Yes this is what we instinctively think according to our inherently self -justifying, egocentric and subjective nature. Thus we are in awe in front of people who can remember, accumulate vast amount of knowledge and can express, teach this knowledge to others.

But in truth true wisdom is not ours, it is pointless to retain, it is like wine that is kept and thus it becomes spoiled, sour.

The only true Wisdom in reality is nature’s infinite, eternal Wisdom and the predetermined, intelligent evolutionary plan that expresses this Wisdom.

We are not here to become “clever” and accumulate knowledge in ourselves. We are here to become selfless, transparent, objective observers of nature’s Wisdom and when necessary to become like clean pipelines so that Wisdom could flow through us towards others.

Thus true sages, wise people prayed to forget everything they knew, so they could return to that clean, pure, objective state, being ready to become channels of Wisdom when others need it. A truly wise sage knows that whatever one can teach, pass onto others is not personal, it is simply borrowed, requested for the sake of others, according to the need of others.

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