The Wise Knows Nothing, But Passes On Everything

Question: How true is it when someone says “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know” on a subject? When someone is an expert on something isn’t that because they are able to retain, as much as, possible on a subject? Answer: Yes this is what we instinctively think according to our inherently self -justifying, egocentric … More The Wise Knows Nothing, But Passes On Everything

True Wisdom

Question: How do you recognize true wisdom? Answer: True Wisdom doesn’t belong to anybody. It is Nature’s infinite wisdom that we can attain, “download” when we – in a unique, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment – empty ourselves of our own previously accumulated, egocentric, subjective knowledge. For this attainment we have to become similar to … More True Wisdom

Something Mind Blowing…

Question: Can you tell me something that will blow my mind? Answer: “You” are not you. What “you” see around “yourself” considering others, the world, that is You. What “you” consider “you” by default is only a subjective starting point, contrast, which “you” can develop into an independent observer that can start researching, discovering, then … More Something Mind Blowing…

Humanity’s Greatest Achievement: Looking Into The Mirror!

Question: What could be considered as the biggest achievement of human beings? Answer: The most important achievement of Humanity – which will unlock our true free choice in existence – is finally realizing that behind every problem we encounter, behind all the recurring, hapless, vicious historic cycles we have passed through stands our inherently selfish, … More Humanity’s Greatest Achievement: Looking Into The Mirror!

Extreme Measures For Self-Improvement

Question: What extreme measures have you gone through to change your life? Answer: I am trying to go to the most extreme measure: complete self-annulment in a unique, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment. Only by dissolving, disappearing in that environment can I get rid of my inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective tendencies,perception of … More Extreme Measures For Self-Improvement

Natural Wisdom

Question: Of the things you think you know a lot about, how much do you suppose you know about those things as compared to all that there is to know about them? Answer: It depends on “how” I know them. If I “know” what I know by my own mind, reason, logic; collecting, accumulating knowledge … More Natural Wisdom

The Humble Master

Question: How does one know when they become a master at something? Answer: We become a master of something when we “become that thing”, when we flow together with that thing without ruining, distorting it. We can see this most clearly on performing artists when they simply disappear in the music they are playing, when … More The Humble Master